A game, which always brings back childhood memories for most people, is Bingo. It is a game of chance and which multiple players can play.In this game, each player has to match numbers printed on 5x5 cards in various arrangements with the numbers that the game host draws at random. If the called out number is present on the card, the player has to mark it with tiles. If the player finds that the selected numbers are arranged in a row in the card that they have, they have to call out ‘Bingo’.

The card and the numbers are verified and if everything is okay, that player is declared a winner. A second round of play can begin after a winner is declared and the players clear their numbers cards of the tiles. This game was invented in 1929 but it has evolved into many different variations and with different sets of rules too. There are many patterns that may be specified for play. Some require that all the numbers on the card need to be matched to win a jackpot.

A game of Bingo is played commercially in casinos as well as non-commercially such as bars or even in churches or charity organizations. The stakes of Bingo depend on where it is played. Now with the advent of technology, Bingo is an extremely popular game online. With a large number of sites offering Bingo and its various variations, it is a game, which is well loved and played by all. Playing Bingo online from the comfort of your home is an option, which is a great source of entertainment.